Please allow me to give a short introduction and a brief history for new clients to Koi Kare Company.
My name is Billy Stone I am the managing director, I have been involved in the Koi pond industry in the UK for over 30 years.

I started out like most other people with a small garden pond, which lead me to a great passion for Koi and gardens. I started my working career at seventeen with the newly opened World of Koi, which was located in Bromley Kent UK. During this time I studied the many aspects of Koi Keeping this included Fish health, filtration, pond construction.

World of Koi grew from strength to strength and our small Sunday health clinic was required to offer a home visiting service. During he winter months when our fish are sleeping I was sent out to build ponds. I was soon to be in charge of a team of pond builders, a maintenance team and health care callouts before long it was obvious that the growth of the pond building and health service required a separate company. A partnership was made, the director of World of Koi and myself created Koi Kare Ko ltd.

Together we were successful and were the only people ever invited to build a pond and garden to exhibit Koi at the prestigious Chelsea flower show where we were awarded a coveted medal. Sadly World of Koi had to cease trading due to unforeseen circumstances and after 20 years we had to Part Company. Koi Kare Company was formed in 2003 we offer a fish health service, pond maintenance, pond construction, pond renovation, filtration and pond cleaning. We can also look after your garden pond and water features. We can provide consultancy and advise to the public and trade please feel free to email us with any aquatic or pond questions. Whilst we are base in Kent ,we can visit you across most of south east England including Essex Surrey and Sussex.